This Week in Room 13 (9-13-21)


Volunteering is back!  Sign up below!  Surprise your kids by working in the lunchroom or bring smiles to everyone by signing up to help at a PTA event.  Questions, email Amy at  The kids and PTA look forward to seeing you!
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Walk-a-thon Friday, September 24th.  The kids got excited when they heard about the prizes they could win for raising money for this fun PTA event! Here is the link to make a donation.

Water Bottles  Water fountains except for bottle refill function are closed due to COVID.  Please continue to send a water bottle daily with your child.

Library Our class began visiting the library this past week.  We will go every Wednesday afternoon from 2:05-2:30.  Please help your child to remember to return his/her book on Wednesdays.  If you would like to have him/her keep the book in the backpack, that might be a good way to make sure it is always ready to be returned.

Homework The missing/late homework count for the quarter will begin this week.  If your child remembers to do his/her homework every night, he/she will be eligible to earn a Homework Hero Award at the end of the quarter.  You will see a running weekly count of missing/late homework in the binder.  Reading Homework will need to be completed every Monday – Thursday.  Parents, you are expected to listen to your child read aloud to you for 10-20 minutes (depending on your child’s skill level).  You will need to write the title of the book that was read to you in the reading log section of the binder and sign it.   Sight Words should also be practiced at home although there is nothing written that needs to be handed in for this practice.  Sight word practice can count for reading homework if you want to write that in the reading log on the nights you practice.  Math homework will be assigned every Monday – Thursday.

Thursday Math Homework will be different.  Later in the year your child will be doing fact practice (quick recall of +/- facts up to 10) on Thursday nights.  For now, I would like them to practice counting in Spanish.  This week we will be going up to 20.  If you find that your child has mastered the counting, another good activity for homework would be identifying #’s up to 20 out of order in Spanish.

Please keep all communication pages in the binder.  I will remove them at the end of each quarter. Thanks so much for your support at home with the homework routine!!

Fridays are Spirit Wear Days.  Staff and students are encouraged to wear red and black on Fridays to show their school spirit!

Websites so far the kids have logged on to Google Classroom, RAZ Kids, and Prodigy.  I posted 2 pictures to Seesaw and this week the students will do their first recording.  You received your child’s password card at Meet the Teacher in case they want to use any of these at home.  You will need to follow the instructions I sent in email to get logged on to Seesaw and hear any recordings your child makes.  I will use this website a lot this year for Spanish!

Reading  This week, we are continuing to read books and identifying pairs of rhyming words.  The students will also be listening for the problem and solution in the stories.

Sight Words to Practice for Recognition

a, he, no, at, in, see,  an, I, so, and 

Phonics   We are focusing on identifying letters and their shapes.  Students are also reading short vowel words with a, e, u.

Handwriting   We are continuing to practice all of the letters in handwriting.  Please review the handwriting sheets as they come home and ask your child to do additional practice if you see that he/she is having trouble forming any of the letters correctly.    

Math    In math this week, we are beginning Chapter 2 which focuses on subtraction.  Students will learn more key words to listen for that tell them they need to subtract to find an answer to a problem.  I was very proud of how well they did well on their first 2 assessments in Spanish last week.  Look for those results to come home on Monday.

Spanish Students were introduced to the adjectives grande (big) and pequeño (small) last week.  With a partner, they looked around outside to find examples of big and small things.  We will also talk about the suffix -ito/-ita which when added to a word means little.  (Ex:  pato = duck, patito = little duck).  Lastly, we will practice rolling our r’s whenever 2 r’s appear together in a word (Ex:  perro = dog).


This Week in Room 13 (9-7-21)


Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up for interest in volunteering for daily and special Fall events:

-Classroom volunteers-use this form if you would like to volunteer in the classroom (working with students, running copies, etc).

Library volunteers – use this  Google Form to sign up.

Wish list If you would like to donate any items to the classroom, please click on this classroom wish list to sign up.  Thank you!!

Library The library schedule has been finalized and the librarian will bring her mobile library to our classroom on Wednesdays from 2:05-2:30.

-Chromebook insurance  Please read this Chromebook Insurance information. Insurance is due by Sept. 17, 2021. Here is a list of the fees for students who do not have insurance.
  • Full replacement: $180
  • Screen replacement: $45
  • Keyboard replacement: $45
  • Charger replacement: $20 (not covered by insurance)

Room 13 C.A.R.E.S.  As a part of: the Responsive Classroom model, each week for the next 5 weeks of school we will discuss a different character trait (being Cooperative, Assertive, Responsible, Empathetic, and showing Self-Control) and how following it will help us all have a great school year.

Reading  We will be reading some rhyming books and poems.

Sight Words to Practice 

a, he, no, at, in, see, an, I , so, and

Phonics  Students will be sorting letters based on their features (straight/curved lines, tall/short stems, etc.)

Writing Workshop The students have begun writing narrative stories about events that have happened in their lives.  This week our mini lessons will focus on adding more details to our pictures and writing, stretching out words to spell them as best we can and moving on, and zooming in on small moments.  We will use the analogy that instead of writing about big (watermelon) topics, we will write about teeny tiny (seed) stories inside the big topic.

Math  In Math, we are working on different strategies that can be used to help solve addition problems (drawing simple pictures, using unifix cubes or other manipulatives to make a model of the problem, using a part to total diagram to find a missing addend or sum).  One goal for first graders is to develop fact fluency (automaticity in solving math facts).  Much like recognizing sight words automatically helps a reader to read more fluently, fact fluency helps a mathematician solve problems more quickly.  Memorizing the addition and subtraction facts up to 10 allows students to solve more complex problems at a faster rate.  This week we will talk about increasing the number of facts that they may already know.  For example, we will discuss how adding zero to a number does not change the number.  The students will also be introduced to turn-around facts.  We will talk about how with addition, it does not matter what order the numbers are added, you will always get the same answer.  Learning this will help them to notice that for every fact they already know, they also know a “bonus fact” (turn -around fact).  Ex:  if they know that 2+1=3, they also know that 1+2=3.

Math homework will continue to be assigned Mon-Thurs.  Please help your child complete this and send it back to school in the binder.  Please remove old homework after it has been checked.  Thursday evenings the students should practice counting in Spanish.  This week we are counting up to 15.    

Spanish We will continue to work on recognizing the colors, naming objects in the classroom, and the numbers up to 15.  Please ask your child to count up to 10 to you at home.  If he/she has not yet mastered this, encourage daily practice.  We will keep counting higher each week!


Los Números del 11 al 20

Colores, Colores  

En Mi Mochila Roja