This Week in Room 13 (5-23-22) ¡Adiós!

¡Muchas gracias!  Thank you so much for all of your support at home this school year.   The students have made so much progress and I greatly appreciate all of the hours you spent working with them at home.  I have really enjoyed getting to know your children, watching them grow throughout the year, and teaching them Spanish!  They have worked so hard and learned so much, it will be hard to say adiós to them.

Cooper Cash Auction will be held on Wednesday.  Thanks to everyone who sent in donations!

4th grade Spanish Book Buddies  the first graders will read Spanish books to the 4th graders when we meet for the last time on Wednesday.

Duebbie Ice Cream Truck will visit Dulles to give all the students a sweet treat on Thursday!

End of Year Party  The room parents are organizing an end of the year party on Friday, May 27th.  It will include games and pizza.

Stricker’s Grove Dulles night at Stricker’s Grove will be Friday, June 3rd from 5-10pm.

Stories on Wheels Book Bus will be at Dulles every Thursday from 9:30-11:30am this summer.

Report Cards will be available on Progress Book after May 28th.  Look for paper assessments for reading, writing, and math in your child’s binder on Monday.

Wrap up for summer  Many parents and kids have asked about access to programs we are currently using over the summer.  In between pool time and vacations, it is important to keep up the skills they have learned this year!


RAZ Kids I will adjust reading levels on RAZ Kids one last time.  You may continue this over the summer as long as it is available (I am not sure when the subscription expires but I will not reset for my new class until August).  Please know that if your child exhausts the books at his/her level, you can get to other levels by going to the “Reading Room” icon.  I have shown the students how to do this as well.  As important as decoding words is, students also need to be able to answer comprehension questions to demonstrate their understanding of the books.  As the level of books students are reading increases, comprehension should not just be recall of events in the story.  Students should be able to describe characters, make predictions beyond story, explain why a certain character did something, and relate their own experiences to the story.  Writing in response to reading is also expected.


Prodigy I am not sure when this subscription will expire either but you may continue to use this throughout the summer as long as it is available.  Other math games on my website will also be there for them to use.

Writing Keeping a journal about family trips or activities with friends is a great way to keep writing over the summer.  Students can also type stories they have written/new stories and find pictures to illustrate them on Google Docs.


Below is a website of a blogger I heard about from another Spanish teacher.  She has posted some apps and links that may be helpful to use over the summer.
Another resource that is totally free is Duolingo and Duolingo Kids! The students have started using it in the classroom.  The app is self-paced and focuses on vocabulary in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.  You can access it from the link on my website or it is also available in the App Store.


If you would like to download your child’s Seesaw recordings for the year, the link to the instructions is below.  All of the pictures I have taken over the year are in here as well so it can be a photo book of memories of their first grade year too.

Export Options

  • Connected family members can download a .zip archive of their child’s work from the Seesaw website.
  • Share this link as a Family Announcement to tell families how.

Have an awesome summer!


This Week in Room 13

This Week in Room 13 (5-16-22) Countdown to Summer!


Thank You for all of the donations for the end of year party, auction, and author’s celebration!

4th Grade Spanish Book Buddies will be meeting with our class again on Monday.

1st grade Track and Field Day is Tuesday, May 17th. Each grade level will be wearing a different color.  First graders should wear a red shirt. Be sure to dress your child in comfortable clothing and gyms shoes.  Sunscreen should be applied in the morning before coming to school and please be sure to put your child’s name on their water bottle.

Latin American Wax Museum on Thursday, our class will visit Sra. Aviles’ students as they present their projects on famous Latin Americans.

5th Grade Market Day is this Friday, May 20th. All students are given money to spend at the booths the 5th graders have set up outside.

Library Fees If you owe any library fees, please send those in as soon as possible.


End of Year Party  The room parents are organizing an end of the year party on Friday, May 27th.  It will include games and a pizza picnic.  If your child is interested in having pizza for lunch, please send $2.00 to school if you have not already.  If your child does not wish to have pizza, he/she may pack a lunch for that day.  

Tying up loose ends We will be tying up loose ends in the classroom this week and next.  Any work or supplies that come home may stay at home.

Homework  Nightly homework will continue this week.  There will be no homework assigned the last week of school.  Remember to keep reading, writing, and practicing math over the summer so students don’t lose all of the gains they have made!

Reading This week, we will read some books about using your imagination.

Phonics Over the last 2 weeks of school, we are reviewing all of the phonics skills we’ve learned this year.

Math  Students will be finishing up 4th quarter assessments this week.  We will then do some review and some lessons to get ready for 2nd grade.

Writing Workshop We had visitors from 1st, 4th, and 5th grades for our Author’s Celebration last week.  I hope you enjoyed the students’ boxed sets.  They worked really hard on them!  

Spanish To get ready for summer, the students will be learning some summer vocabulary including ocean animals. 

Some parents have already asked about what students should do over the summer to keep practicing the Spanish they have learned so far.  While there is nothing the kids are required to do,  if they want to build on what they have learned, I usually recommend using Duolingo.   I have already set up the class and students have been using it at school.  Here is the link duolingo .  The classroom code is  PUYXFT if you need that.   The kids can go in at any time and get started using it.  Another thing I usually suggest is watching shows or videos in Spanish on youtube or Netflix and continuing to read books in Spanish on RAZ Kids as long as that subscription is available.  Rest assured that the second grade teacher will spend time reviewing what they learned this year at the beginning of next year.   There are also Spanish books available in the Scholastic Club Leo flyer.


song:  La Playa 

video:  Bajo el mar