This Week in Room 13 (9-16-19)


Walk-a-thon is coming up on Friday, September 27th. Remember to send in collection envelopes. Thank you for supporting the PTA!

Reading  We are continuing to read books about friendship this week.  Students are making connections and answering comprehension questions about the stories.

Phonics  The students are playing some games to practice recognizing high frequency words quickly.

Sight Words to Practice for Recognition   is, it, to, can, up, do, me, we, go

Math  We are working on different strategies that can be used to subtract and focusing on the key words in problems that indicate subtraction is needed to solve.

Math Homework Tues 2.5, Wed 2.6, Thurs count to 40 in Spanish

Spanish  As we learn more animal names in Spanish, students will be working on writing sentences to describe animals using adjectives such as colors, size, speed, etc.  They will also record their sentences on Seesaw.

I will be reading our first interactive read aloud in Spanish to the students this week, “Aprendemos a Nadar” = “We Learn to Swim.”  The students will focus on reviewing the days of the week in Spanish.