This Week in Room 13 (3-8-21)

Reminders –

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION FOR NEW, INCOMING KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS FOR THE 2021-22 SCHOOL YEAR IS ON WEDNESDAY 3/10 AND THURSDAY 3/11 FROM 4-6:30  Please mark your calendars for these important dates if this pertains to you. Or perhaps you can help spread the word to family, friends and neighbors if they have a kindergartener coming to Dulles next year. The registration process will be done online this year but we will still be assessing students at Dulles during these time frames. Parents need to sign up with the link below. The link also has all the information you need to complete the registration process.  Any other questions, please call the office (574-3443).
 We look forward to welcoming all our future kindergarteners to Dulles!

Remote Learning Days  Friday, March 12th and Friday, March 19th will be remote learning days due to teacher vaccinations.

Reading – This week, we will be reading some books about journeys near and far.  Students are working on making connections to the stories and responding to comprehension questions in complete sentences.

Phonics – Students will be working on spelling words and changing the middle sounds to create new words.

Sight Words to Practice for Recognition

We have finished the list of first grade sight words.  Please review them with your child and practice any they have not yet mastered.  If your child has mastered reading the list, have them practice spelling the words.

Math – We are beginning Chapter 8 which focuses on measurement and telling time to the hour and half hour.


The students are learning vocabulary for different sports and modes of transportation.



Transportation words with Basho & Friends

Los Medios de Transporte




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This Week in Room 13 (3-1-21)


Class Pictures are Tuesday, March 2nd.  Due to COVID, individual pictures will be taken and then digitally compiled into a group photo.

Kindergarten Registration If you have a child entering kindergarten next school year please visit for information regarding kindergarten registration.

Reading The students will hear nonfiction books that read like stories this week.  We will discuss facts they learn about different animals from these books.

Phonics –  Students will distinguish between short and long vowel sounds in words.

Sight Words to Practice for Recognition

Students should review all of the first grade sight words for the year.  The expectation is that the words are recognized and read correctly within 3-5 seconds.  If you find that your child is still sounding out words or misreading these, keep practicing at home.

Writing We completed our unit on opinion writing and will be writing poems for the next few weeks.

Math – We are continuing working on strategies to add and subtract 1 and 2-digit numbers within 100 (drawing decenas and unidades,  and using the number grid to skip count by 10’s, lining up numbers vertically, etc).

Spanish – There will be no new vocabulary this week.  We are reviewing adjectives to describe people’s physical characteristics as well as their feelings.  Students are practicing memorizing the alphabet in Spanish.  They are also learning to spell their first and last names in Spanish.